Sleepover (2004)

Booze: Dirty Shirley
1.5 oz Pomegranate Vodka
1/2 oz grenadine
Fill with Sprite

This is the adult version of the kiddie cocktail. Super sweet, and perfect for a saccharine movie about a slumber party. Also easily adaptable to Shirley Temple’s for the kiddos in the group.

B-Movie: Sleepover

This is your classic teen flick, circa 2004, when teens still had flip phones, online dating was considered unsafe, and Steve Carrell was in the early stages of his career. Yes, I said Steve Carrell. Watch this movie, if for no other reason than to make sure your Carrell oeuvre is complete. You won’t be disappointed. The plot revolves around a slumber party for four average, nice girls, which of course means less-popular. They are challenged (for no apparent reason) to a scavenger hunt by the popular girls, which quickly escalates into a winner-take-all battle for the lunch table near the fountain. After that, things get real serious, real quick. JK! This movie is the opposite of serious. I think my first clue was when the mother starts laying out the rules of the sleepover and ends with ‘no structural damage.’ Seemed like she was setting the bar pretty high, but hey, it’s her house. Then there’s the teacher, who innocently poses for a picture with his students. In a bar. While holding cocktails. I guess 2004 really was a simpler time. How about the skateboarding dude with the weird facial expressions who is referred to throughout the film only as ‘SpongeBob?’ And let’s not forget the older brother, who quits college for roughly 24 hours before his sister and her friends make him realize how stupid high school was. That’s a lesson I think we can all agree on, especially after watching this movie.

Best Line:
I’m torn! I’m going to go with “You have great knees and a powerful brain.” I predict it will be taking up a place of honor in our family as the ultimate compliment. I also loved, “Why are you damp?” mostly because Steve Carrell’s deadpan delivery was SPOT ON, and “Do you want to see a picture of me in a coma?” though that might belong in its own category of Best Pick-up Line. Don’t judge. It worked. Even SpongeBob was surprised.

Best Time to Freshen Your Drink:
The obligatory makeup/dress up/dancing slumber party montage

Take a Drink Whenever:
Jane Lynch (JANE LYNCH!) sets up the perfect drinking game by laying out the sleepover rules. Drink whenever anyone breaks one, so whenever:

  • One or more of the girls leaves the house
  • There is a boy in Julie’s bedroom
  • Someone inflicts structural damage to the house. Interpret this one as loosely as you’d like, and yell out “Structural damage!” as you drink
  • In addition, you can make a game out of the scavenger hunt and take a drink whenever the girls complete a challenge
  • Drink when you recognize one of the actors. There are some big names here!

Finish Your Drink When:
Julie’s dad calls them for pancakes. The laughs are over by this point, and everything that follows is a schlock-fest so you’re going to need a buzz to view the ending.

Cocktail Rating:  1/2
Too sweet for everyday consumption, but this cocktail pairs perfectly with the movie. Next time, I’d go heavier on the vodka and lighter on the grenadine. (I’ve adjusted the quantities accordingly above.)

Movie Rating: 🐝🐝🐝🐝
My expectations for this were so low, I’m almost afraid to admit how much I enjoyed it. Yes, the plot managed to be somehow nonsensical and completely predictable at the same time. Yes, most of the acting the was over-the-top, exaggerated style I usually attribute to made-for-TV pre-teen movies. But boy was it was fun! With Steve Carrell, Jane Lynch, and Brie Larson, how could it not be?