Impulse (1974)

Booze: Brown Bag Wine Tasting*
Select one (or several) bottles of wine and place them in brown paper bags so your guests can’t see the labels. Taste and guess!
*This one is based upon Shatner’s own web-show, called—you guessed it—Brown Bag Wine Tasting, available on Ora TV

B-Movie: Impulse (1974)
William Shatner stars in this cornball thriller about a psychologically disturbed con-man named Matt Stone, who develops an ‘impulse’ to kill after he runs his mom’s lover through with a samurai sword. After that short but traumatic flashback, we meet Matt all grown up, where his life has become one nonstop party of violence, womanizing, and polyester suits. But he’s got a few squares harshin’ his mellow. Mainly pushy broads, but also Karate Pete, another con trying to muscle in on his action, and his new girlfriend’s daughter, Tina, who accidentally discovers Stone’s murdery side while out for a drive with him. If she’d just stay out of his car, she’d be fine!

Best Line: “Dogs lick their wounds, they clean ‘em real good. It’ll be okay. All that blood . . .”

Biggest Laugh: The carwash, beginning with Karate Pete’s RV. I’ve got to give the dude props, he knows how to brand.

Best Time to Freshen Your Drink: The dinner party where Matt meets Ann. Snoresville. At least, that’s what Matt would call it.

Take a Drink Whenever:

  • Matt Stone kills someone
  • Matt Stone bites his pinkie
  • Tina smashes something
  • Matt Stone changes his leisure suit
  • Matt Stone has a flashback
  • Shatner mugs for the camera

Finish Your Drink When: Tina finally proves to be the murderous psychopath/heroine we always knew she was! If only she’d bitten her pinkie!

Cocktail Rating:    
We sampled Wauna Blush from Drumlin Ridge Winery, an apple wine with honey from Weggy Winery, and a strawberry Moscato. All went down really well, with the Moscato as the crowd favorite. 😊

Movie Rating: 🐝🐝🐝 1/2
Pure fun. The plot is so corny, and Shatner is so over the top it’s impossible not to love this one. I was nearly disappointed after reading the Rotten Tomatoes plot summary, which describes Shatner’s character as a “demonically possessed child molester.” He’s neither of those things, but don’t worry. He is a smarmy con man with an impulse to kill and a bottomless closet of polyester. Which is even better.